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Our team passionately helps people with addiction.
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We strive to make a lasting impact on our community and beyond.
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Pulling patients towards safety is our method of treatment
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Life Preserver - Addiction Help

What We Do

We provide a whole-patient approach to patients, and their loved ones, who are affected by addiction.
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Community Impact

Community Impact

We work closely with several area agencies to expand access to care to all affected by addiction.
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Beach Scene - Addiction Medicine


Links to information we believe will be helpful on your recovery journey.
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Help for those suffering from addiction.

Breeches Buoy Addiction Medicine Service believes in empowering patients with an expert diagnosis, evidence-based recommendations, education and resources to make an informed decision regarding the treatment plan that is best for the patient’s situation.

We understand that treatment decisions are personal and that paths can vary. We support patients and meet them where they are regardless of insurance status.

Notes From Our Team

Life Preserver - Addiction Help

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Without healing, changes in perception, social skills, stress reduction, and the building of support systems that work for us individually, we are left surviving rather than thriving (Knopf, 2017).  I…
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How to Get Help

Patients are currently referred to Breeches Buoy Addiction Medicine Service through one of our community partners.

Patients and families can request a referral to Breeches Buoy Addiction Medicine Service through any one of our community partners.  
Safe Program
Robeson Health Department
Drug Treatment Court
Lumbee Tribe
"The individualization of the program and the personal attention our referrals receive from therapists and staff at Breeches Buoy make all the difference in seeking freedom from active addiction."
Audrey Hunt, CORE, UHC Program Manager
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